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NovaMod Rev 2.0 (click on hot spots in picture above for details...hint there are 19)

NovaMod Features:
NovaMod Rev2.0 Feature List. NovaBlink.gif (17754 bytes)
Click on SH-101 for closer look (NovaMid).

- Rev3.0 of the NovaMod has been tweaked and almost finalized. Documentation is being revised and the kits will be released 99.
- "NovaMid" a NovaMod with Paia Midi kit custom installed can be requested (click on image above).
- "202Nova" a NovaModed 202 can be requested (following successful prototyping in April).
- "NovaX" with second oscillator is in the works (will be implemented summer 99).
- A simple plug-in Osc 2 module kit is in the planning stage in conjunction with Xenovator
- New improved NovaMod instructions and a huge colourful MS Word document on CD-R will be available for purchase in 99.
- Individual mod kits such as Ext Audio In, FM, ENV 2 ...etc will also be available for purchase.  
- See what others have said.....what makes it worthwhile

- The Lab does custom NovaMods by appointment only.
- Price is $300US. This includes all parts and labour, return shipping, and free labour to repair any existing SH-101 faults.
- Email: The Lab to be placed on the waiting list.
- Paia MIDI kits can be custom installed for $200US. This includes cost of the kit and labour plus extra hardware. MIDI Kit Details

Latest News:
-98/12/10 AR envelope now retriggers
-98/12/19 Resonance boost added
-98/12/19 Envelope Follower added
-98/12/19 Overdrive added
-98/12/20 Ext Audio In routing switch (to VCO/thru VCF) moved to front panel
-99/01/07 Ability to Route Env1 and Env2 independently to both VCA and VCF
-99/01/25 Above features have been tweaked and improved. First Rev2.0 completed
              (now installing a MIDI kit) photo's and samples coming soon.
-99/01/26 I don't know where I will put the pot...or possibly use a switch and make
              the noise slider dual function...however I will try to tap the TRI waveform from
              the CEM and route it directly to the VCA like on the Yamaha CS-50/60/80's
              If you have a better idea please email me....Oh no Rev 2.1 already...geeze
              I was just liking Rev 2.0!!!
-99/01/28 Rev 2.0 Photos posted
-99/01/31 SH-101 S/N problem solved. Click here for details.
-99/02/02 Web Page updated: Overview picture now has embedded hyperlinks to details
               of each feature. Waiting list added.
-99/02/02 The first Nova202 prototype will soon be "under the knife"
-99/02/04 New NovaMid specific features being evaluated for a customized EPROM for the Paia Midi board.
-99/03/15 Ext CV of PW via 1/4" now added
-99/03/28 Pink to White Noise upgrade added (just snip any leg on cap C31 :)
-99/04/10 Tri Waveform from CEM now tapped pre/post filter and as mod source...unbelievable.
-99/04/10 Noise Waveform post filter mix added for better percussion.
-99/04/10 Stereo Out with pan and pan by LFO plus phase reversal being developed.
-99/04/10 -1 OctXtra switch added for bringing the TRI and PW waves into the Bass realm
-99/04/10 Bender Push to VCO or VCF switch added.

MP3 Samples: (get MP3 player here)
Simple Riff Sort of hard 303 style riff with a little accent, portamento and a healthy dose of overdrive, mild VCF sweep and mild FM settings. Play with the EQ and pre-amp distortion of Winamp to experience the acid power of the NovaMod. btw this was controlled via MIDI.

WAV Samples:
Sample Sounds (44.1kHz,16bit,mono)

   The NovaMod sound!